Demand for 3rd sector services rises despite funding pressures

Infographic about the Ulster Bank and CO3 3rd Sector Index Q2 2016

The latest Ulster Bank & CO3 3rd Sector Index is released this morning. It is a survey of leaders of bodies such as social enterprises, charities, and community organisations.

Amongst its key findings are that:

  • Almost one-third (29 percent) experienced a further decline in government funding
  • A further 59 percent said that they experienced no change, which equates to a real-terms decline.
  • One-in-four said their organisation is vulnerable to cash-flow issues
  • 65 percent saw demand for their services increase
  • 23 percent say their organisation increased headcount

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Mergers and acquisitions on the cards for NI’s 3rd sector?

Every year, the numbers of chickens, cows, sheep and pigs in Northern Ireland are quantified and published. There is a quarterly index of how many houses are sold. We have data on every type of car purchased, the number of people visiting our shops, and even the value of furniture Northern Ireland is exporting to places like Slovakia. Continue reading

NI Third Sector Confident Despite Decreases in Government Funding

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A new survey of  Third sector organisations has been launched today. Published by Ulster Bank & CO3, the survey reveals that Third sector organisations are confident about their prospects despite a challenging environment and significant decreases in government funding. Continue reading