Barbenheimer economy: a beach for some, a timebomb for others

It has been something of a blockbuster summer for cinemas, with the release of Barbenheimer (i.e. Barbie and Oppenheimer) coinciding with the wettest July on record to drive people to their local movie theatres. Something similar has been happening with Bingo halls; another area that had previously been so badly affected by the pandemic. But it hasn’t been a blockbuster summer for the economy overall, with conditions in the private sector, like the weather, taking a turn for the worse. So what’s going on?

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Weekly Brief – Shifting sands

The landscape for UK politics is changing. News that seven Labour MPs and four Conservative MPs have defected to form a new Independent Group highlights the current fragmented state of UK politics. PM May delayed the “meaningful” vote on Brexit to March 12th, adding to the uncertain picture for the UK economy, meanwhile the labour market powers ahead.

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