May 2017 PMI slidepack

The latest PMI highlights some noteworthy trends on the local, national and global economy from March 2017. This slide pack explores them in more detail.

Key highlights include:

  • Global output growth (53.7) just shy of January’s 13-mth high
  • Growth accelerates in US, France, Germany & Japan
  • Chinese composite PMI picks up from 7-mth low to 51.5
  • Russia, India & China propel Emerging Markets PMI to 52.2
  • Eurozone composite PMI unchanged at 56.8 a 6-yr high
  • Italian (55.2) & Spanish (57.2) PMIs ease from their recent highs but still record robust rates of growth
  • Developed Market manufacturing PMI (54.1) remains just shy of recent 35-mth high
  • UK composite PMI (54.5) slows to a 3-mth low. Most regions post slower growth rates with East Midlands in top spot 57.9
  • RoI business activity accelerates to a 4-mth high (58.8)
  • NI firms’ output growth slows 53.5 but employment growth accelerates to a 13-mth high. Inflationary pressures ease


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