January 2017 Ulster Bank PMI Slide Pack

The latest PMI highlights many noteworthy trends on the local, national and global economy from January 2017. This slide pack explores them in more detail.

Key highlights include:

  • Global output growth hits a 22-mth high
  • US composite PMI hits a 14-mth & China slips to a 4-mth low
  • EZ composite PMI (54.4) remains at highest level in >5½ yrs
  • Russian composite PMI hits an 8½-year high
  • Brazil (44.7) & India (49.4) composite PMIs signal contraction
  • Global input price inflation hits a 67-mth high
  • Developed Market manufacturing PMIs hits a 35-mth high with Emerging Markets easing from a 29-mth highs
  • UK output growth eases due to services & construction
  • RoI business activity accelerates to a 10-mth high (59.3)
  • NI business activity eases to 54.2 from 58.7
  • NI & UK manufacturing input cost inflation hits record high
  • NI retailers also raising prices at a record rate

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